Thursday, March 27, 2014


as much as i wanted to post yesterday, sometimes life just makes you do otherwise. i am glad to be able to manage my time accordingly to fulfill my fulltime job, wife duties, keeping up with a busy first grader and putting up regular blogposts for this little blog. 

but we all know, that's not the case all the time. aston  has really bad seasonal allergies and with a most recent class fieldtrip to hermann park the other day, he has been battling congestion and last night, a low grade fever. 

so, everything's in the backseat for now. we are awaiting his pediatrician's office to open. he is quietly sleeping next to me as i catch up reading emails, favorite blogs, watching tv news and slightly doing what i do best - multitasking to get things done at my own pace. 

how's your thursday? 


lilivi said...

hope his allergies be gone soon..xoxoxo..

Linh Vo said...

aww poor thing! yes, I hear you about trying to juggle it all. I am taking M to the doc today too! (but it's for her 1 year check up. should be fun...not)

i hope your little man gets better soon!

Lexi said...

Sometimes a pause is so necessary! Hope he feels better.
xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

Leslie said...

I totally get the busy mama thing. I hope Aston’s feeling better by now!