weekend report

Monday, February 17, 2014

how was your valentine's weekend?

our's was really nice. i feel like all we did was eat and drink. friday i had a wonderful lunch date with ben  and that evening, we took the family and my parents out for sushi. most restaurants were booked but i was able to get an early 5:30 reservation in one of our favorite sushi places. that place never disappoints. when we were still dating, we would frequent their first original location back in the day!


valentine's day lunch date was at veritas.  i had the lobster salad and it was delightful!


a delicious chocolate treat from one of our staffs. belgian chocolate-covered oreos. oh so yum! 


early saturday morning, we took aston  to the first showing of the Lego movie which we all enjoyed. he is still into legos so he was looking forward to watch the movie! 

that night was date night for ben  and i. we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, brasserie 19. we started with an order of delicious burgundy escargot. i then had truffle wild mushroom soup - so rich and creamy. ben  had the dry aged ribeye (with bone marrow - yum!) and i had the chilean sea bass special that was just as delectable. for dessert, we shared the warm chocolate cake - what can i say? it was the perfect sweet concoction to end the evening! 


sunday after church, we had to do some errands at the highland village. so we decided to eat brunch at escalantes - i missed their puebla french toast with apple syrup. 2 blocks of crispy mexican bread soaked in apple syrup goodness and sprinkled with cinnamon - oh my! 

it was a wonderful weekend. unfortunately, today is an all work monday for us. aston  does have school, so it's a normal working holiday monday for all of us! 


Linh Vo said...

Yum! I still haven't visited Brasserie 19, but would love to go :) We love Azuma, but I guess it's also because my bbf's parent's own it haha Glad you had a great weekend Lili!

Nanne said...

Oooh lobster salad! I haven't had lobster in ages....seems like you had a lovely weekend :)

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

what yummy things you ate...and chocolate covered oreos! oh mY!! Love your booties!