wednesday musings

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

i took a little blog break yesterday. i had to attend to a few errands, drive my parents to their health checkup appointments and pharmacy stops. nothing really exciting but today it's my turn. i have given myself a belated birthday gift of an exciting mammogram and i can't deny, i'm dreading it. it will be my first time to have a mammogram. i have been a total stubborn procrastinator when it comes to scheduling my mammogram and i've been putting it off too long. but no doubt about it - it is time. 

do yourself a favor and have a mammogram today. most insurances cover the breast cancer screening test without copay or deductible. but do know that it may vary from state to state and insurance carrier. as always, it is best to check your health insurance coverage first. 

i'll see you back here thursday! 


Nanne said...

I'm also dreading my first mammogram, but I should probably get it done soon, just in case. Thanks for the reminder and those signs are ingenious :)

Leslie said...

I'm quickly nearing the age for my first mammogram. Though I'm not looking forward to the cold pancake machine, it's definitely important to get it done, BTW, I love that first graphic!