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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

lately, i am having so much fun with new (well new to me at least) iphone apps that i had to share them with you. they are so much fun! 

1 / waterlogue is an app that transforms your iphone images to watercolor art paintings. your pictures turn to look like real watercolor art worthy to be framed and hung up the wall! 

2 / for the latest new york fashion week, harpers bazaar 
has created new fashionable emojis that will make your text messages among friends super fun - no need for words. it's got the olson twins on there, the ever popular valentino rockstud heels and even karl lagerfeld is on there! although i really wish i can integrate them with instagram. oh well.

3 / momentcam is another crazy fun app. you can add faces to already created animations similar to caricatures on a number of different themes. since we are in the middle of the exciting sochi winter olympics, i thought i'd try these ones : 

i'm going for the gold here!


ben's  perfecting his form! 

and aston  (in an old justin bieber hairstyle). hilarious! 

and just for a bonus, my husband being a tourist in sochi, russia. ha!


hope you are all having a great midweek day! 


Nanne said...

Wow, that Waterlouge app is really something! Too bad I don't own an iPhone or i-anything....hopefully there will be something similar for Android-users soon :)

lilivi said...

I love those pics...Aston's too cute!!

Alexis said...

I am addicted to Waterlouge and just got momentcam, can't wait to play with it!