weekend report

Monday, January 20, 2014

hi guys! i hope your weekend was as fun as our's. i bet most of you have a 3-day weekend but unfortunately for us, we're back at work. we still made the most out of our weekend especially with the gorgeous weather so that what really counts.

friday night, our family went to a local pizza and waffles joint called jupiter that we meant to try since they opened last year. it did not disappoint, so much so that we went back for sunday brunch. we really enjoyed their delicious pizzas (there's something in their crust that's just perfectly salty and savory) and aston  loved their crispy chicken over waffles. my pick was the dulce de leche belgian waffles and ben  went for their fried eggs (over easy) and waffles combo. easily our new favorite place to hang out! 

this past few days i've got so many plans sprucing up the house - a big boy room update and picking out a new bar cart. since we finally stored all the christmas glitter decor, i got the itch to get ahead and start spring decorating. this weekend was a great time to do it. still not completely done, it's a working progress. i'll share photo updates via my instagram (@swankychicfete), so dont forget to follow!  

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