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Friday, January 31, 2014

am i alone in dreaming of spring and the warm weather? it's been a bitter cold week here (for texas levels) and we are longing for warmer days. this weekend we are chilling out at home and we are looking forward to sunday's superbowl game! 

i've got some link loves to share with you today and you have all weekend to check them out : 

  • aston  and i start bopping our heads when this song comes on 
  • have you all seen these amazing images taken by a mom of her boys with their farm animals? it's breathtakingly beautiful.
  • cutest onesies for baby fashionistas - love this, this and this. darling for little girls! 
  • here are a few priceless beauty tips and tricks you need to take note. sometimes we don't think of the obvious :) 
  • 15 things every woman should have. i think i've got everything on the list except # 15
  • as they say, monogram anything that does not move. this pair is not spared. LOVE! 
  • is it too early to shop for some spring and summer sandals? i am eyeing this, this and this

that's all i've got right now. i am excited for the weekend, the superbowl, chinese new year and the fully packed month of february! 

~ image source unknown 

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Nanne said...

Excellent links, thanks for sharing! I think I need one of those Tom Ford lipstick shades myself, preferably the Paradiso.

Your so not alone longing for spring - I'm getting sick and tired of sub zero temperatures combined with icy winds.