spring pink

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

our city has been paralyzed for the second time in 5 days due to freezing rain and icy roads. some businesses and most schools are closed. i am a little embarrassed to share that but we all know texan drivers don't know how to drive in icy roads, so we are better off staying home. nevertheless, we are keeping warm and entertaining ourselves. aston  took home piles of homework yesterday so we will tackle that and i am planning to bake cookies. 

i thought it's fitting to do a little preliminary spring dreaming amidst this freezing weather. and with valentine's coming up, pink is the most popular color to brighten up things around here. how cute is that puppy umbrella? 

blouse // umbrella // highlighter // bracelet
pillow // blush // nikes // thank you card

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Leslie said...

All this cold weather is crazy, isn't it? But I don't care how far north you live...don't mess with ice! Love all the pink inspiration...especially the bracelet.

Nanne said...

Hi, just found your lovely blog :) Love the girly pink inspiration, and I really want that heart shaped highlight!