philippines need your help

Sunday, November 10, 2013

as you all know, last week philippines was hit by the strongest typhoon on earth (more powerful than the hurricane ike we suffered years ago) leaving thousands killed and families displaced. it is hard not to be affected by this as i still have family and relatives back home. thankfully, they are fine but other citizens in most affected cities and provinces are not. 

it is devastating and awful. it will take years to rebuild airports, roads, schools, churches. but nothing can replace the loss of lives. in the midst of all these tragedy, i write to encourage you to help in your own little way. a little prayer to comfort children and families. or even donate - here are a few ways on how to help.

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lastly, a dear old friend from high school, romeo banias,  who now lives in chicago (and is a talented photographer) has started fundraising efforts where you can donate. if you donate $50 or more, you get a print image/images of your choice from any of his photos from his flickr site. his photographs has been web published in chicagoist, gapers block, WBEZ and more. details on how to donate here.

i rarely come in here and seek your assistance for matters like these, but this is just heartbreaking and sometimes we want to do more but we can't. i know i can count on your support and a little goes a long way.

i only have gratitude and appreciation for all the prayers and generous support you all offer. thank you friends.


cheekeegirl said...

Thank you for spreading your word for this. It means a lot! Again, as of this writing, we are again braving for another storm named "Zorayda". I pray that it is not that destructive like Yolanda.

Anonymous said...

so sad!

Emily said...

Absolutely terrible. Prayers for everyone affected near and far.