happy november

Friday, November 1, 2013

oh why hello there november! 

unreal that we are THAT close to the holidays. halloween last night was a blast. as like last year, we T or T in our small neighborhood and cruised to 2 cul de sacs and we were done. thankful that the thursday all-day dreadful weather stopped and the kids get to enjoy halloween night.  

today for the first day of november, i'd love to share a few favorites from this week and past month. links you may want to bookmark and check out later in the weekend : 
  • i love natural looking makeup for everyday and i am loving this brush-free makeup tutorial which i would love to try for an easy daily look. looks easy enough? 
  • my friend audrey  just got back into blogging and shared her paris adventures with her toddler. she has lots of tips if you have plans travelling (and staying in paris for awhile) with a little one. read it here, here and here
  • not all of us are expert photographers so, these great tips on taking pictures during parties are truly helpful especially with the holiday parties coming up! 

i hope you all enjoy the coming weekend and i will see you back here soon! 


Charu Sharma said...

nice post and lovely look!! happy halloween! :)


Audrey said...

Thank you for being so amazing to mention me Lili! Thank goodness I kept a journal while over there to recall my experiences. My Paris posts will go on for awhile!

Lexi said...

I can't believe we're in November already! Definitely going to check out the photography tips for parties!
xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.