little luxuries

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mini luxuries

my ultimate luxury would be a day in the spa, a personal chef to attend to our meals at home, a personal trainer and a color-coded closet. hahaha, a girl can dream right? but i can certainly settle for the above mini luxuries as well.

1 // la mer lip balm - i am dying to try this. i have heard good things about it.

2 // tom ford cheek brush - softest brush that is a must for your makeup brushes lineup.

3 // hermes blanket - the blanket's H logo is an understated elegant statement for any room.

4 // guerlain lipstick - a lipstick that's moisturizing and packaged in a cool-looking case that mimics a james bond gadget. love that it has a mirror!

5 // diptyque candle - mimosa is a sophisticated scent but any of the diptyque candle scents are just as divine.

6 // hermes notebook - hermes is the ultimate in leather luxury and a little notebook wrapped in buttery leather goodness is a chic accessory to be toting.

7 // jo malone - their latest peony and blush suede scent  is a fresh sensual smell that's in my wishlist for the holidays.


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