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Monday, October 14, 2013

i struggled with adult cystic acne for years after college and i still do get breakouts every month or so. it's hormonal and no matter how i take good care of my skin daily, they manage to pop out and annoy the hell out of me. 

i have been on proactive for years and it has controlled the breakouts but i feel that it hardly ever works anymore. my skin needed to switch out cleansing and medicating regimens to keep my acne at bay. here are a few products i've been loving lately :

about face

ole henriksen wipes // on days that i feel lazy to wash my face, i use these refreshing wipes to remove makeup. it does a good job of erasing makeup traces on my face. it has a citrusy scent that's fresh and it has age-defying properties and vitamin c that's beneficial to skin. it leaves skin moisturized and smooth. 

bioderma solution // i love using this solution to remove tough waterproof eye makeup by soaking cotton and leaving them on my eye area for a few minutes then wipe them off. i also use this sometimes as a toner after cleansing and this particular solution (sebium H2O) is for oily skin. 

juice beauty organics to clear skin set // i wash my face with this set's cleansing gel every night (i'm not a big fan of the scent) but it leaves skin really squeaky clean. then i follow with the blemish clearing serum and apply them on affected areas on my face. the mask i use once a week and i also use the moisturizer daily that's part of this set. it is indeed a great value set

queen helene mint julep masque // i use this masque as a spot treatment for deep cystic acne. it dries it out quickly and does a great job of decreasing it's swelling and inflammation. i find it especially effective if you apply it to the spot right before it exacerbates. the minute i feel that a pimple is developing, i apply this right away! very inexpensive too!

smith's rosebud salve // i can't neglect my lips. this lip ointment hydrates and moisturizes my lips like no other. i regularly apply this before going to bed and before i apply my lipstick. 

so, if you have oily troubled skin like mine - try out any of these products and see if it works for you! 


Albertina M. Cisneros said...

oh wao...these look fabulous. I do have acne as well! I can manage it pretty well, but I think its key to change up everything every few years because the skin gets used to what you are using and the products just don't work as well. And I'm mixing 2 tsps of apple cider vinegar every morning in my grapefruit juice with some agave nectar and I feel like this has helped my skin as well!

Leslie said...

Ugh. I had cystic acne as a teenager and was put on accutane before it got banned. It helped so much...but i definitely still get breakouts. It’s good to know that there’s a regime out there that works.