so long summer

Friday, August 23, 2013

so long summer!

i'm going to make this short and sweet as we are making the most of the last weekend of summer. i feel like summer came and went in record speed this year. we are now a few days away from the first day of school. we even started talking about possible halloween costumes with aston. i even pinned a few inspiration for the yuletide season. we have big plans for a thanksgiving reunion with family and relatives in the texas and arizona area. that will be a lot of fun. we are even considering a little getaway right before thanksgiving day but we shall see if that one pans out. so much plans and possibilities and what better way to prepare for it than now!

overall, our summer has been fun ~ we took a few trips, spent laid back weekend pleasures with the family and enjoyed loads of summer celebrations. and if you follow me in twitter, you probably know that aston  just lost his first baby tooth and the new one is just creeping out. i am in denial that the little boy is growing up fast! *tears*

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

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Leslie said...

This summer really did fly by, didn’t it? Congrats to Aston for losing that first tooth, and welcome to years of holey grins!