fall lusting

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

fall in sight

this may be a little premature but the end of summer sales and the presence of back to school supplies in stores is making me realize that fall is here to come soon! 

although we are enjoying our summer, we sure do miss fall and the cold weather. above are just some of my fall fashion cravings. a giant cocoon sweater, booties, anything leather and a structured black tote to complete the look. 

what's in your fall fashion radar? 


Therese Jacinto said...

Love it all!!

Leslie said...

Now that we’ve had a bit of a break from near-100 degree weather, I’m not yet ready for fall. But give me about a month and I’ll be there! The sweater and leather skirt would be very cute together on a crisp day, though!

Cristina [Via Blossom] said...

Gorgeous Fall selection! I can't believe summer is almost over.