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Saturday, June 29, 2013

today we are celebrating a ballet-themed 3rd birthday party for a very special girl. so much of this preparation has consumed my time, hence the sporadic blog posts. but today is the day and we are so excited! 

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starting the weekend with this party sets the mood for a fun-filled 2 days. i'm looking forward to spending some time with old friends and their families. i am also most excited for a short work week leading to july 4th next thursday and we've got plans to leave out of town friday. it'll be great to unwind, unplug and spend quality time with the boys. 

most of all, omg, it's almost july! where did summer go? in other summer news, our weather hit triple digits yesterday and that's what i'm not fond of. everything just sticks to your skin - your hair, your clothes - yuck!  humidity is not pretty at all!

see you back here soon but in the meantime, enjoy the weekend and stay cool! 

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