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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

hi all! this week is zooming by fast!
thought i'd share random bits and news around here. 

let's start with this amazing argan oil by josie maran. i got this bottle for free from sephora for earning so much points. i've never tried before so i decided to pick this. it feels amazing to the skin especially after the winter months. i dab mine around my eyes and forehead and it leaves it smooth and not very oily at all. its a mutitasker, so you can also use this for your hair, cuticles and any rough spots in your body like elbows and knees. i use mine every night after cleansing my face. 

i have been on hiatus from my define class since last year. i know, i am so bad. i was thrilled that a new studio opened in my area and was excited to sign up the first weekend it opened. it really felt awesome to be back shaking and aching in a good way. to sign up for classes and check the schedule, click here

ok, i am officially obsessed with BB creams. below are my favorites including the new CC creams. I have 2 full tubes of the dr.jarts which i am rotating and i am finishing up my samples i collected on the smashbox and PTR. after numerous fails on several BB cream trials, i truly found the ones i love. some have more coverage than others, some are more matte than others. so depending on what makeup finish you like or skin condition you have, this may help you out to decide : 

dr jart black label bb cream - dewey finish, med coverage (one shade available only)
smashbox bb cream & smashbox cc cream (color correcting balm) - matte, heavy coverage & available in 5 shades
peter thomas roth cc cream - matte, heavy coverage & in 3 shades

lastly, my ultimate favorite is this pink skin79 BB cream from asia which i ordered from amazon. it is just creamy and easy to blend that gives you a smooth full coverage but yet does not feel heavy makeup at all. it only comes in one shade but it adapts to your skin color easily. 

you can also build color on to it to perfectly match your skintone if that bothers you a lot. just add your bronzer or makeup on top of it. call me crazy, but after using all these bb and cc creams - i really found my skin to be improving. its smoother, has lesser discoloration and redness and has decreased skin breakouts too!

houston's splendid store will launch a sneak peek of their summer collection at their highland village boutique. next thrusday april 11th, the event will feature a 20% shopping discount and beauty treatments to enjoy for the night.  10% of the proceeds will benefit The Center. Pls see more detail below on how to rsvp for the shopping event!

have a great wednesday, friends! 


Albertina M. Cisneros said...

so many wonderful products to buy!! So exciting about Splendid...I think they are going to open here in Dallas too soon. Can't wait.

Anonymous said...
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Christina said...

Just bought this BB creme from your rec... can't wait to get it and try it!!