happy weekend thoughts

Friday, April 12, 2013

we are in a corner suite alright. BUT we dont have this balcony and view! 

we are once again back in vegas for a few days. we are here unbelievably too often despite us being non-gamblers. thanks to regularly scheduled conferences and seminars that the husband goes to, we feel like vegas is home away from home!

you all have a wonderful weekend and if you'd like to follow along in our vegas weekend rendezvous, you can follow me in FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM

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Mree said...

That view is AHH-AMAZING!! I wish I was in Paris right now...I would settle to be in Vegas too!! Have a fab weekend. Have a coffee at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, I LOVE it there!!

Best, Mree

lilivi said...

Have a great time you guys...