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Thursday, February 7, 2013

i had been posting #ootd pics in instagram (@swankychicfete) and i had a few inquiries on either my accessories or top or shoes or even nailcolor so i'll share them here. 
gap has been heavy in my wardrobe department lately and i simply love their shirts and blouses (as shown on the top 2 photos - on sale!). the distressed skinny jeans are from gap too. the tortoiseshell chainlink necklace is from my friend nina's shop, pbccloset, which has been a daily favorite too. her site has not officially launched yet, so keep an eye for it!

luckily, i am able to go to work in casual clothes so i live in my skinny jeans, ballet flats and blouses every single day. with the weather up to past 75 degrees, i hardly have to  bust out any of my sweaters!

and before i let you go, i have been notified by skinny scoop that my blog was nominated as one of the top 25 party planning blogs and i'm so happy and honored for this nomination. for some of you that may not know, this blog actually started as an event/party inspiration blog and is still is with some new sprinkling of home decor and fashion style posts. it has evolved some but i am truly proud of my humble beginnings and the 5 readers that stuck with me all these years - LOL. i am even more proud of where this blog has taken me - happy with new friendships and partnerships with you all. thank you for your valuable time and comments and i do appreciate all of you!

so whenever you can get a chance, click the button below - stop by and scroll down the page and vote for me!

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Emily said...

What an awesome nomination! I will be voting!! You are seriously so stylish!! Love all the oufits, thanks for sharing the sources!!!