spring for your home

Monday, February 11, 2013

is your home ready for spring? i am itching to spring-ify (is there such word?) our space. i've got our landscaper scheduled to come back to finish his job in our backyard since we put it on hold during the holidays. i am so ready to add some more bushes and perennials in our backyard landscaping. i'm just hoping for great weather and no freezing temps so this can be all done. 

 in the meantime, i browsed on my favorite stores and here's what i found that i think would add color and brightness to any home! 

spring for home


s said...

love that rug! xO!

Leslie said...

I’m definitely looking forward to spring! This has just been a blustery winter – definitely not my favorite. I’m kind of loving the yellow and soft pink together in this board…great stuff!