spring cleaning

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

our master shower/bathroom repair is underway (yes, its been delayed). dust is everywhere, my clothes and shoes have relocated (they will be putting in new carpet), all my designer handbags are upstairs and my closet doorway is covered in plastic. yes, part of my husband's closet (where half of my stuff are housed) was not spared from the shower leak hence, a new coat of paint and carpet is needed. 

so with all these major relocation and closet re-evaluating i was able to purge and donate 2 large bags of old clothes and shoes to goodwill last week. i have now moved on to my accessories collection, going over trays of costume jewelry and sorting out which ones i can get rid of to make room for new equally gorgeous stuff from christmas and early this year! 

enter my newly opened resale shop at goodsie!
browse, look around and see if you find anything you like. i am constantly adding things and my next stop would be my clothes and shoes - some new with tags and others barely used and in excellent condition! 


i didn't realize spring cleaning would be this much fun. i'm looking forward to sending off these precious items to new homes and hopefully not regretting i'm letting them go! 

shop my goodsie store HERE


Anonymous said...
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Emily said...

Pretty, pretty! You should put your clothes on there too, I would love to shop your closet!!

Queens NY Office Cleaning said...

Spring is a great time to go through and determine what items you don't need or use anymore, and an online sales type of site can do wonders for your closet. Thanks for posting.