weekday wrapup

Friday, January 18, 2013

it has been cold, dark and dreary this week but thankfully the last two days were sunnier and getting out of bed was so much easier. today i thought i'd do a week wrap up of some of my favorite things in the www. btw, don't you wish you're out with loved ones at the beach and soaking all the white sand, sun and blue crystal waters?  

  • am i the only one looking at perfect spring outfits such as this? royal blue and black stripes is sheer perfection! 
  • and that goes along with shoes too such as this ballerina wedge and this dotted plimsolls. fun party on your feet! 
  • here's an easy tutorial (that may look complicated) to making a glitter banner shared by nancy. everyone needs a glitter banner!
  • i wish i'm crafty and creative as grace ~ this gorgeous bib necklace DIY tutorial is a must-try!
  • i am in the process of cleaning up and redesigning my blog design with my go-to awesome design gal shalon and if you're considering to do a blog facelift, consider these tips
  • after the holidays, i miss baking and i think i'd love to try this next - anything with nutella, sea salt and peanut butter combined spells irresistible yuminess!
  • and lastly, would you embrace the polkadot trend and extend it to your bedroom wall? how about a gold chevron wall? gorgeous! 
so much random loves and heading to the weekend, i hope you take time to check those links out! TGIF! 


Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

thanks for the link love!

Julie Leah said...

Grace kills me with her craft skills!!