darling desks

Monday, January 7, 2013

i hope everyone had a great weekend. our's was quiet and slowpaced as we attempted to clean up holiday mess, stored christmas decor and completed a few errands to tend to. 

this week will be full on back to reality. the kid will be back in school and regular after school activities. work will also be in regular programming and i will try to get back to going to my barre classes at least 2-3 times a week. 

and while all of that happens this week, my desk at work and my kitchen work area needs some clean up and updating. my little kitchen corner serves as my work station at home. it's filled with aston's artwork and framed pictures, 3-4 tumblers of colorful pens i hoard, a cardboard box filled with my husband's letters and bills, a big vase filled with my washi tapes and a laptop. this is where i check emails, blog a little and pay bills while eyeing the little boy doing his homework or if i have something baking or cooking in the kitchen. i am aiming to organize and get the work area tabletop bare to the basic necessities. 

here are a few pretty inspiration : 

how was your weekend? did you get any organizing done?


s said...

obsessed with this decor. love the all white. xO!

Mree said...

love that last desk! I'm trying to get more organized this year as well!

Leslie said...

Such pretty inspiration! I love the flowers in the first and the Lucite chair in the last!

Colleen said...

Love all these! I noticed you pinned several on Pinterest. We totally have the same taste!:)