new year's reflections

Saturday, December 29, 2012

the year is almost over and i just look back in great wonder and disbelief on how time flies so fast. 2013 will be here soon and i eagerly await the promise of yet another fruitful year! 

i am not committing to any new year's resolution this time as i know i wont commit to it. ha! certainly, i don't want to make the same resolutions over and over so, i'll spare myself the humiliation. although i will say, i will try my best. i just won't enumerate them here :)) 

seriously, i am so thankful for the whole year of blog support from all of you. so many new friends, new blogs that inspire, new inspirations. i am aiming for bigger, better things for this little blog of mine for the upcoming year ~ so, i hope you stick around!

wishing you all a safe and blessed new year! 


The Crazy Castros said...

Hope you have another AMAZING year Lili:)))

Julie Leah said...

Happy, happy new year, sweets!! xx