weekend scenes

Monday, September 10, 2012

hello monday! 

thought i'd start the week with a few scenes from the past 2 days. 
it was a lovely weekend and we got a little tease of the nice weather. although very brief, it was still a treat. 

our little family enjoyed an al fresco lunch at our favorite burger joint, guru. after that we indulged ourselves with starbuck's salted caramel latte and i discovered they also offer them in cakepops. we had both - double trouble! so yummy! 

then on sunday after church, we had brunch at blu while waiting for the texans game and had fun cheering them on on one of their best games ever. i had their french toast, which i think was pretty good. 
i'm in a pink kick lately. a few weeks ago my seashell pink vaio arrived and just had to order a monogram decal for it. i absolutely love it! i also happen to see this pretty pink nikon at a recent best buy trip and i think i found the first item on my christmas wishlist! so cute! 
Panel patterns
we have moved to our new home almost 4 years ago and i am just now ordering my drapes. we currently have roman fabric shades in our family room in a beige neutral color and we wanted to add some color and pattern to our walls. the two fabrics above are what we picked at high fashion home and can't wait to share how it's going to look when it's all done.

 the celadon patterned (right pic above) one will go into our formal dining which will pick up some of the green of our antique chinese wooden screen (see pic below). the galatia brown will go in our 2-storey family room, it's dramatic quatrefoil-like pattern will add an elegant look to that bigger room. 

Fall decorating

and speaking of home decor, i finally busted out some mini gourds and pumpkins along with a few crystal turkeys and displayed them on the  tiered wire tray i previously used here. the turkeys may be a little premature but hey, they're cute. i'll be redecorating, moving furniture and sprucing up our whole place in anticipation for the holidays. so excited for the cooler weather, football season and the holidays in general. and here was last year's home decor display as well as this one featured on my family blog!

i hope the week has started great for everybody! 


s said...

amazing photos. hope taht you had a great weekend lili! xO!

lilivi said...

Great choices you've picked...can't wait to see them..

Leslie said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm definitely loving your fabric patterns, and hope to see pics with the final details!