ashley's top five fall favorites

Friday, September 28, 2012

so excited today to have none other than ashley brooke of ashley brooke designs sharing her top five fall favorites. if you're not familiar with ashley, she's a talented artist and designer specializing in illustrated papergoods such as stationery, invitations and notecards for all holidays and occasions. my personal favorites are her custom illustrations (so personalized and special!) and fun whimsical calendars. i am recently smitten with her latest fall favorites notecard! 

here are ashley's fall favorites ~ she is seriously making me crave for some real cold crisp fall air to blow into texas asap! thanks ashley for guest posting with us today!

Fall is my favorite season by far, there is nothing more I love than a pumpkin spice latte, and the smell of Fall in the air! Here are just a few of my Fall favorites (it's so hard to pick!!), I hope you enjoy!!

Fall Stationery: Nothing says back to school like freshly sharpened pencils and fresh stationery on my desk. 

Red Wellies: What better way to keep your toes warm and dry than with these?! 

Freshly Baked Bread: I love the sights and smells of Fall warming my kitchen, especially when there's yummy fall food apple or pumpkin bread! Delish.

Plaid Scarf: Is there anything cozier than a scarf wrapped around your neck? I think not.  Plus, it's hard to imagine autumn without some plaid.  It makes me feels like I'm in the mountains at my parents' cabin!

Festive Decor: Come September 1, I pull out every pumpkin, leaf and acorn I can find to decorate my house from door to door.

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Stephanie Koch said...

I just love those note cards she made! Will be visiting her site, thanks for sharing!