friday etsy feature

Friday, August 3, 2012

i fall in love with a lot of beautiful products discovered via pinterest and instagram on a daily basis. there are just so much talent and creativity out there and the following artworks by Randa featured today is one of them. she created these gorgeous iSeeNoise artwork pieces of lovely girly images in metallic or acrylic finishes and are the perfect art piece to display by your dresser or bedside.

but first of all, let's meet the amazing Randa who has been busy ever since her etsy shop opened early this year. born from a family with a rich artistic background, her dad and brother are artists and backed with a degree in fashion marketing and management from the Art Insitute of Vancouver - she dabbled in painting again with the support and inspiration of her boyfriend who's also an artist. with just a few feminine lovely images making it through her blog and instagram that triggered a buzz of inquiry, her I See Noise etsy shop was born.

without looking back, she has now expanded her creations to baby nursery, quotes and iconic images (oh and she does accept custom orders too!) that are equally as gorgeous as her fabulous fashion artwork. so, to jump start your weekend shopping - check out her shop and enjoy a 15% discount (code : SWANKYCF) from Aug 3 - Aug 9!  thanks Randa!

you can catch Randa here : 

friends, ENJOY THE WEEKEND (and more of the olympics) !


s said...

i love pintrest and insta too! What a cool image , it looks like it could be a wonderful wallpaper! xO!

Mree Marie said...

Love her work! Thanks for posting this. Will check it out. You find the best things!

Emily said...

Love these, going to have to check out her shop! I think the lipstick print should definitely come live at my house! Have a great weekend!!

Colleen said...

Love this shop! My Chanel print just came in and it's fabulous:)