back to school photo checklist

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

this is such a brilliant idea. a guide list of possible photo ideas for keepsake on your child's back to school days photographs ideal to document those precious moments. even with the advent of smart phones (who has time to carry their huge cameras with them all the time?), these tips are perfect. you can quickly snap them, upload and store. later you can even create a photo book (which reminds me, i have 3 birthday celebrations that needs to go to printing) for each school year. 

can't wait to get started on this. of course, you dont't stop at the first day of school. i am so guilty of that. so much hype goes into the first week that you tend to slack off. there's halloween, thanksgiving and christmas and all the school events in between. i need to make a conscious effort to capture those images because they'll never be in kindergarten forever (or whatever grade they may be).

you can download the checklist HERE

lastly, in the next few days and weeks to come i have invited some fabulous blogger moms to share their back-to-school must haves including tips for stylish tots and their school gear! can't wait to share all of that, so stay tuned! 


s said...

i love the checklist~~~ xO!

Leslie said...

I can't believe our first starts pre-K this year! Thanks for sharing a great idea to record this milestone!