travel style

Thursday, May 10, 2012

travelling is always fun but getting to the destination can be exhausting especially if you have a few hurdles along the way such as flight delays, kid tantrums and re-routed flights. this friday we are going out of town
for a quick trip. it's far from a vacation getaway but nevertheless, it's still a whole production with a 4-yr old in tow. i have to make sure our flight and hotel reservations are in order, pack enough clothes for the weekend and pray that everything else is running on schedule. 

this brings me to the topic of cozy travel style. i envy those moms who strut around the airport looking so put together in their oversized cashmere sweater, leggings and ballet flats toting their designer handbags in one arm and a baby on the other. they just make it look effortless and chic with no single hair out of place. 

i think the key to looking great yet still feeling comfortable while travelling is wearing the perfectly fit classic piece of clothing mixed with an easy fun accessory such as a colorful scarf or a pair of leopard flats. black leggings and skinny jeans with ballet flats is always chic topped with a cardigan or tunic. take cues from the following shots below for a few travel style inspiration. 

Source: via Lili on Pinterest

Source: via Lili on Pinterest
Source: via Lili on Pinterest

have a great weekend everyone!


Leslie said...

Yeah, I’m definitely one of those moms who looks like a train wreck during air travel. It’s fun to look at some pretty travel fashion, though! Have a fantastic Mother’s Day!

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

I always travel in leggings or black skinnies and ballet flats with some type of layering up top.... and a scarf. That way, I'm comfortable and presentable if I need to go somewhere right away and my destination. Happy Mother's Day!

Mree said...

I always try to look cute when I travel but it's usually a big fail.
Hope you have a wonderful little vaca!
Best, M.