holiday photo ideas

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

still have not booked your photographer for your holiday photo session? here's a quick roundup for some really adorable photo ideas to feature your precious family in your holiday cards or to frame up as gifts to grandparents or loved ones who are miles away! 

i have pinned these photos in pinterest (pinterest has been my google) and i just absolutely LOVE them!

and i just added this last one as i thought it was hilarious! 



Mama T said...

Thank you for posting these! Just what I needed to get some creative ideas :)

Lil Mama Stuart said...

ha nice round up!

Magnolia Rouge said...

Ha, the last one was to funny, Thanks for posting.

Leslie said...

LOVE the pic with the boy tangled in the lights & does it get any more adorable than the baby in the present?

Michelle @ Ten June said...

Ok I'm just going to have to stop coming to your blog... I get major baby fever with all of these adorable cuties! : ) Seriously, the tutu on the little girl below, the lights around the little boy, the baby in the Christmas box- so so precious!!!