manzanita trees

Friday, September 30, 2011

a few of you have inquired about the beautiful manzanita trees i have in our dining room i shared yesterday . those were generously given to me by my dear friend Nina, who got those from blooms and branches. those lovely branches/trees are so versatile and have been centerstage in a few parties and events in the past year we have hosted.

they have been dressed up and re-used countless times and with a few various change up in trimmings - it has been a gorgeous table centerpiece for a baby shower, a holiday tree in my home, decor for a wine event and most recently, a focal point in our fall decor at home!


at a wine event last year with mini birdcages, flowers and paper garland. you can read full post here.

our holiday home decor last december 2010

my friend Nina originally created all the table centerpieces made of these branches and she hung crystals and glued flowers on them for a friend's baby shower. full blog post on the baby shower, here!


if you like them so much, blooms & branches has a weekend SALE (sep 30 - oct 2) with code 09TMP11!

also, if you opt for a more natural look - they are available for purchase at save-on crafts in a variety of sizes too!

enjoy the weekend, friends!


Leslie said...

They are definitely beautiful...thanks for the sources!

Lil Mama Stuart said...

ooh love your Christmas shot. I love manzanita trees but always thought they were expensive!