thankful tuesday and more

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

i am so grateful for so many friends in the blog world that have shared some of the parties i've worked on in the past and one style blog who featured your's truly for the most important job in the world and that is being a mom and a wife attempting to be effortlessly fabulous amidst house chores and office work! 

once again, i can't thank you all enough for continously following my fun adventures in twitter, pinterest and facebook. as if that's not enough, i am blessed to have peers and friends like you who don't tire of tagging me or retweeting me at different times of the day (in twitter or facebook) - so much fun and so much love around! 

if you have mentioned my blog recently and i have missed it, please comment here and let me know ~ thank you ever so kindly!


now for my favorite activity, online shopping ~ i have recently done back to school shopping for aston but i couldn't help but do my own e-shopping even if i've since long graduated from college, lol. i got me an adorable personalized erin condren life planner and i am eyeing those new notepads kelly debuted on her WH Hostess site the other day! the designs are sooo pretty, i am having a hard time picking out one favorite! 

personalized notepads from WH Hostess

you can order your custom life planner here

here's mine in multi-color stripes and i LOVE it

i also had fun recently completing an iron-on project of personalized tshirts for aston to wear the first week of school. with new teachers and possibly new classmates, it's hard enough remembering their names.

Back to school shirts


and lastly, last week i had a blast meeting up with Dawn of not just a mommy!. we met up at dylan's candy bar in the galleria and just chatted all morning. it was a delight to finally meet her and her family including her sister who just opened her cupcake place, kaleidoscope cupcakes. check out my death grip on the cupcakes she brought me! thank you, they were delicious! 

With blogger Dawn!!

i'm hoping your tuesday is off to a great start! 


Rachie @ A Chi Chi Affair said...

Oh wow i am loving this colourful stationery - thanks for introducing me to it.

Rachie xo

the erin team said...

thanks for the shout out

the teacm

Not Just A Mommy! said...

Thanks for having me on today, such an honor!!! Death grips are good, had quite a few of them myself when it comes to cupcakes.

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted said...

Those colorful and modern notebooks are so up my alley! Thanks for referring me to a new store. I will need to check them out.

Leslie said...

Congrats on all the features and mentions! I definitely love the notebooks you posted (including the one you got)...but I'm not a written-schedule kind of gal. It must have been fantastic to meet jealous! Happy Tuesday!

McDreamer said...

Love those iron-on shirts! Unfortunately, it's already too late for my 4 year old since school has started 2 months ago here in the Phils... But I'll surely recommend this to my friends. Truly love your blog!!! Added you to my favorite links!

Rae said...

I like the Aston shirts!

Michelle @ Ten June said...

Well of course you're featured all over the place, you super talented girl! : ) Speaking of... those personalized tshirts are so adorable!! And so are the planners- might have to go pick up one of those!

Cabby Crafter said...

Wow! Your blog has blossomed more and more each day.

AAR said...

love the shirts!!!!!