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Friday, July 22, 2011

kicking off the weekend is another guest blogger post from my friend, Susan of Green Eyed Susan (her macarons are my absolute favorite dessert!). she's here today to share an exciting event she recently attended celebrating women and their creativity. 

read on to check out the fun gathering as narrated by her and if you are in the Houston area and plans to attend future art events, please check out the schedule at the bottom of her post! 

Fabulous Flower Friday: a tribute towards the fetish I have for flowers, and the name for my macaron boutique, Green Eyed Susan, seemes a perfect way to commemorate the anniversary of Swanky::Chic: :Fete { http://swanky-chic-fete.blogspot.com/ } . Although nobody can quite fill Lily's shoes, Lily has invited me to share with each of you. It is my goal to share the very latest and greatest ways to celebrate just as Lily would in my guest blog post, Flower Power : Be You, Embrace Me, Support Us. 

Last night approximately 50 lively boistrous, creative ladies congregated at Estebans in League City inside the Art Shack  Fiesta Shack for the first ever "Women Who Art". Originally invited to showcase and sell my Green Eyed Susan Macarons, { http://www.GreenEyedSusan.com }, I quickly traded in my Chef coat for a painters apron,paint and brushes to begin learning how to create my Floral "masterpiece".  

Jewellery/Crosses foreshadow the Gem of the Evening.
The night began with introductions...........instaneous friends were made

And shopping.........yes all in one place. See the pretty jewelery? It took me the whole evening to find out who made these beautiful crosses, but it was Terri, the one who coordinated the entire event--how did she find time to do it all? Terri kicked off the evening by encouraging each and every one of us to leave the judgment at the door and just have a good time.  The phrase she used that reverberated within each one of us little artists just trying to get out was "Be You, Embrace Me, Support Us." 

 We couldn't wait to get started with that introduction. We taped off our negative space on our canvas and I signed mine with my new friend Julia looking over my shoulder and laughing. She laughed alot at my finished piece too--I'd like to think that the depth of the painting brough her so much joy, but maybe not......WE HAD FUN!

Each of us received our own paint palette of colors. I just needed a beret, but instead I wore my pink cowgirl hat. We all stared at the instructor in dismay as she went through our pain instructions color by color. 

Our table had already tapped into our inner Van Goghs Margaritas

 Voila, a finished work of art!

 Here's Susie mixing her colors to create depth to her flower......In between all the work there were women of all ages weaving through the easles to Abbas' "Dancing Queen" and "I'm So Excited" by Diana Ross

 And here's the rest of the crew, Masterpiece in Hand

I Think Debussy would have been proud of all the "Women Who Art". So much light and reflection in each piece and artist. Women Who Art will be offering workshops the 3rd Thursday of every month. Membership fee is $120/year or $40/event. Paint Pub were the instructors of this evenings Painting class and will be opening a shop  soon in the Clear LakeArea (November, 2011) where you can hold your own paint party.  Find the best entertainment and wonderful company throughout the year with all the Women Who Art Events below.

Calendar of events:

July 21: Paint Pub
August 18: Decorative Clipboards
September 15: Social Event, Creative Speaker Karen Royer
October 20: Zentangled
November 17: Creative Memories
December 15: TBD
January 19: Stephanie Rubiano
February 16: TBD
March 15: TBD
April 19: Mosaics by Michele

Happy Anniversary Lil.  
Here's looking to a wonderful year of celebrations and joy in every word and event you share.  Love you much. SUSAN AKA Green Eyed Susan


thank you so much Susan for being here celebrating my first blog birthday with me. you are such a big part of my first blogging year and i'm grateful to have met you! 

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classic • casual • home said...

Congratulations to you and all the talented "artful" ladies!

Leslie said...

Looks like a grand time! It really brings me back to the days of playing with oil and acrylic paints in my parents garage as a kid.

Susan said...

It was almost as fun and messy as working poured fondant. Thanx for visiting casual home and Leslie for Swanky Chics 1st blog anniversary.