little girl's birthday party [hamptontoes style]

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

lisa's (of hamptontoes design blog - a personal fave of mine) daughter's birthday party is not till march but i am looking forward to this party especially that it will be held in a dream venue perfect for a 5th barbie-themed birthday party. it will be gorgeous!

 lisa, being the ultimate party hostess and planner - has already gathered up all the amazing party supplies which she got for unbelievable inexpensive prizes. i cant believe the budget finds she discovered at claire's, homegoods and target

in the meantime, let's enjoy these photos taken from her daughter's 3rd princess party and 4th tutus and tiaras birthday parties in the past. i adore all the DIY crafts she tackled for both parties including adding floral touches to each tutus which were also giveaways to the little girls. i also especially LOVE her signature personal princess cakes for each guests - such a lovely touch and making each little party guest's experience extra special! 

i'm now dying to see what she comes up with on her daughter's 5th barbie birthday party! to see more pictures of the parties thrown by lisa, see links below. 



{all photos from hamptontoes


Hamptontoes said...

I feel so honored that you shared my daughter's birthday images. I truly sink my teeth into planning special parties for my children...and I know you do to! Thanks a bunch!

PartyMom said...

These are so adorable! T just learned how to say "princess", so I don't think we're far off from having a princess party!

pretty pink tulips said...

Lisa is an amazing and talented mom!!! You can just feel the love and thoughtful planning that goes into the parties she hosts for her children!

Susan said...

I have a little niece that would be in party heaven right now.

GabbyRM said...

Cute! The girl parties are so much fun for moms (but so much work)!