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Friday, November 12, 2010


i dont know about you but i'm constantly updating my iphone case primarily because i handle it constantly and no matter how gentle i can be, i'm always dropping (losing case crystals along the way) or scraping it. currently my iphone is encased in a faux crocodile case that i found at a local small shop but then i found this jonathan adler's iphone case that i'm loving the colors and pattern. secretly, i'm hoping the crocodile case collapse so i can change it with this one!  {image from preppy princess}

this could very well be the most comfortable pair i've ever own. maybe because it's made of cotton and elastane, joe's jeans honey straight leg in madison wash is my new favorite. i've since had a hard time finding a pair of jeans in grey and with it's incredible comfort, stretch and perfect gunmetal hue - i am looking forward to wearing it almost everyday (with washing in between of course!).  {photo from nordstrom}

i'm sure most of you got the 411 from gwyneth yesterday via her GOOP if you're a subscriber. GOOP's WHAT featured jessica seinfeld and her newly released book double delicious and her website's videos showcasing easy and simple recipes (that i am totally liking) while she's hanging out with cool friends, cute kids and one famous funny hubby. the videos show a lighter more real side of their family and friends who have the same passion to cook, eat and have lots of fun!


Following Phubie Blog

i am delighted to finally win a giveaway from christine's party blog FOLLOWING PHUBIE! yay, i'm super excited to win $ 30 gc to PHOTO SASSY CREATIONS!
thank you so much (for awhile i thought i was the susan lucci of blog giveaways!).

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Gabby said...

Yay! Congratulations!

Rae said...

I agree. Joe's Jeans; Honey cut is the best!

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

oh, I have been wondering about that cookbook! Need to pick that up. I have her first one. Great post today! I like!

Abby and Her Boys said...

What a great giveaway to win!!

Amy R. said...

Ok, your blog is fantastic!! I wasn't sure where to stop reading and make a comment. First, all the party pics are amazing. I love Jonathan Adler & I probably could use a phone case. Joes Jeans are my favorite. I too felt like the Susan Lucci of blog giveaways until this week, I won two in one day. So very glad to find your blog:)

Amy R.