friday faves [buyers regrets]

Friday, November 19, 2010

here's a quick post on some pretty things i found while window shopping awhile back that at that moment i stopped, stared, contemplated and refrained myself for giving in as i know i was not sure if my home has a corner, a spot or a nook for any of these. looking back now, i have regrets not picking them up (and i was crazy enough to take pics and file them for more torture). here they are :

Pretty for a white room

this lovely yellow piece would surely add a pop of color to any drab space. they were $ 25 found at tuesday morning last summer. and there were two of them too. it'd be so lovely against a navy and white striped wall on top of a white lacquered credenza. just saying...aarrggh.

Crazy pattern love

i was drawn to these two slipper chairs mainly because they were upholstered in this most amazing patterned fabric. i just cant find a spot for them in my house - booo!

Kids glam chairs in purple

although i got the fuschia pink one to add a touch of whimsy to our guest room, these two purple ones would be so glam for a little girl's bedroom. the chair's shape is so grown up but the huge button bling screams little princess!

bargain hunt

again, here are two chairs i so loooove. sshh be quiet, but my husband does not know that i'm slowly moving my crafts stuff and laptop over to his office (which he NEVER uses, btw). i am inching closely to totally taking over that office and convert to my own mom cave that i so need. these two charis would have been perfect for that space and as you can tell i love lavender and purple and i am just so sad about letting this go when i first saw them. oh well...

blue velvet

what about you? is there anything that you can remember you'd wanted to buy and regretted not getting it? come share with my misery.....


Gabby said...

I do that sometimes, too. I think, "why didn't I get that when I had the chance?" I like to think about things a while before I buy them, and sometimes, it actually can be a bad thing (when I realize I should've gotten it but now it's gone). I get it from my dad.

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

YES!!!!!!! There is an amazing sear sucker chair at Pier 1 with nailheads that I should have bought for my son's room. Ahhh, the regret. those purple chairs are fantatsic. Such a diverse selection.

PartyMom said...

How many times have I regretted not buying something?!?! It's awful, but at the same time, we don't have room to store things 'just because'. So it's really a give and take.

I'm jealous that you have figured out a mom-cave! The husband agrees that I need a crafting room, but the only place in the house that I could use would have to be totally gutted and re-done. Needless to say, it's not getting done any time soon. Boo!

Design Blooms said...

Oh those long lost items!! A pair of bamboo barstools on craigslist! I should have got them-they were a steal! Thanks for stopping by design blooms!

JC's Loft said...

Oh I just love Tuesday Morning's! I always walk out of their with such great finds...that's my problem though I ALWAYS walk out with something. Haha


Amy R. said...

You poor dear. Do not beat yourself up. There will be many more fantastic finds in your future:)

Amy R.

Sweet Metel Moments said...

Yes, I do that all of the time, especially with clothes! So now if there is one small part of me that wants to buy something, especially if it's a good deal, I go ahead and buy it and then staple the receipt to the price tag. I give myself one week to wear the item, and if it remains unworn, I just return it.

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