friday faves [fashion]

Friday, October 29, 2010

i'm off the party path this week for my friday faves. i am in a bit of a fashion rut lately that i have to recently dig up old photos kept safely in a document folder just to find inspiration. i have been comfortable in my daily uniform of torn boyfriend jeans, tunics and ballet flats that i have no desire to dress up and wear heels. i am so bad. but if your constant buddy is an active three year old boy, you wouldnt be caught dead in anything tight, tall and tacky either. trust me.

plus the fact that weather is weird where i live, it gets cold and windy in the morning (when i drop my boy to school) and warm and humid by the time i pick him up! surely, the weather dictates what we wear but must it be that fickle minded all the time? i am sooo tired of this heat.....

here are some fashion lusts for the transitioning weather : light jacket or bolero, knee-length skirts, leggings and dress coats. we're still lucky to be wearing pretty sandals in fall and not freezing our toes but get it ready for the cool weather by wearing black tights with them and the look is young and edgy!

{photos swiped from TPF}


JC's Loft said...

Totally with ya on the fashion rut! I am going to dinner tonight in Chicago at a fancy Italian restaurant and I literally had to PULL my black heels from the back of my closet! The use to have a place at the front of my closet, haha : )

PartyMom said...

Love the tones of that first outfit. I found the best (and least expensive) way to get out of a fashion rut was just to change up my accessories. My favorites right now are layered bracelets. (they don't get yanked by the little one!)