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Friday, October 1, 2010

i have been a flickr member for years. i've met and treasured a number of friends via flickr overtime - although most of them i've never met, i feel like i've known them for so long. we've shared the joys and adventures of motherhood, love for fashion and design, exchanged recipes and tips. flickr is so much more to me than just a photo uploader site.

it is sort of my "blog" so to speak for a number of years, only in pictures. with that said, i have flagged a lot of inspiring beautiful photos via the flickr world and i will share a few of them here today for this blog's friday faves.


if i have the chance (and luxury) to build a new kitchen one day (which i highly doubt), i would do open white shelvings to display pretty things i'd like to stare everyday. this photo is by tamar of nestdecorating whose etsy shop is another favorite of mine. tamar has a gorgeous home and tons of lovely china collection i am envious about. sigh...

cookies and milk

cindy chae's flickr photostream leaves me craving for more. this image is a wonderful composition of cookies and milk impeccably styled in a floral lined basket, mason jars and the perfect charming striped straws. i waste no time hopping on to her blog and indulge in her delectable treats (complete with recipes too).


the photo above is one of my favorites from one of camille's well executed soirees. the colorful empty can of jalapeno peppers used as a vase sets the tone for a lively fiesta. as austin texas' premier event planner/stylist, her blog documents all her inspirations, her travels and her gorgeous work. that's why she's in my blog roll. her blog posts are just all exalting and photos are just amazing.

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check out these ladies' photostreams and blogs/sites and be prepared to be awed by the lovely images that fill their daily lives!


JC's Loft said...

I am now craving milk and cookies at 7:12 in the morning, haha : )

PartyMom said...

Those are some incredible photos. LOVE the gray and white striped straws!

I wish I was neat enough for open shelving, but I cherish the places I have for hiding clutter!

Jane and Lou said...

Great pics - lovely. I'm new(ish) to Flickr and never seem to get around to putting up any photos! Jane:)