beyond desserts [unique table displays]

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

not all dessert table displays are only for our favorite cupcakes, cookies or cake. if you want your party to be truly unforgettable consider the following tables featured here. they are all unique - one display is only for puppies, some are non-edible but still enjoyable and the rest have goodies we like to indulge ourselves in once in awhile.

treat table for a doggie paw-ty from rachel of dinner bells - love the dangling tennis balls!

spa party display from nonpareil online magazine. i'm loving the pastel colors!

elegant smores bar from such a fun treat!

pinkberry yogurt bar from JL designs. healthy option with a charm!

no one is left out in this party - cigar bar for the guys and a scent bar for the ladies
from socially circled. such a great idea!

a donut display featured in green wedding shoes. yummy!


JC's Loft said...

Oh I love that cigar bar and scent bar! Tucking that in the back of my head for a later date : )

Abby and Her Boys said...

Your blog is full of GREAT ideas!! Thanks for visiting my blog! Abby

PartyMom said...

Great ideas! The yogurt bar fits in perfectly with my party philosophy (always include healthy choices) while still looking beautiful like a candy buffet!