snack cake tower [no bake cake]

Thursday, September 16, 2010

i am seriously thinking of making one for halloween. this snack food cake would definitely be a hit with all the kids and i'm sure this will be a blast from the past for most parents. why not have your old time favorite snack be meticulously arranged and gathered to create a big cake instead of a real cake? definitely an easy cost-effective way!

although im not sure if kids nowadays even tried these calorie-loaded treats, i know for a fact our little one does not know they exist (at least as far as im concerned). they can get hooked to these twinkies, ding dongs, ho hos etc and would demand them be a apart of their daily snack repertoire! LOL

take a look at some of the fun creative snack cakes i found and ill share a quick easy DIY instruction via food network at the end of this post :

tacky living
see below on how-to steps to create this snack cake above via food network

from food network magazine oct 2010 by food stylist brett kurzweil

**start with a 22-in round cake board as the base, then stack up styrofoam rounds to form the layers (use 6, 10, 14 in rounds). you can use any size rounds (or square as desired). the trick is to leave a wide edge between the layers to hold the snacks. cover styrofoam with foil and use dowel to secure them. kurzweil placed suzy Qs (you can use any snack cake) vertically around the bottom layer using a heavy can as a "bookend" to hold the first one in place while he added the rest. he packed them in snugly so no extra frosting or fondant was needed to hold them (this is called "pressure fitting"). Continue layering and alternating between standing and sitting layers of snack until your styrofoam rounds are covered. when done, cover the cake with plastic wrap and store it at room temp for 2-3 hours**


Anonymous said...

yummy ideas..

JC's Loft said...

WOW that's so cool! Bookmarking that for a later date...I always am looking for a quick & pretty dessert!!!!!

PartyMom said...

OMG I so want a Ho-Ho now.

Seriously though, it's a really cute idea and probably would be a great way to spruce up a play date. Filing this away in my "To-Do" list.