anniversary flowers [from sweet hubby]

Thursday, September 2, 2010

came home this afternoon to see this in our family room. a beautiful floral arrangement from my favorite floral shop and it was a gorgeous bouquet of roses, orchids and hydrangeas - the flowers from our wedding 10 years ago. thank you my dear ben!

speaking of flowers, just a little story to share - the day of our wedding ceremony, my bouquet were supposed to be lillies of the valley but they wilted the day of our wedding (it was a crazy 106 degrees that day!). i was very upset and cried a bit but i never let that setback affect my mood and excitement of the moment that i was contented with my white roses and hydrangeas bouquet that turned out pretty. thankfully, the rest of the evening was magical!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband :)

My boyfriend and I bought a potted hydrangea in Tagaytay and brought it home to Bulacan. Before we could even transplant/re-pot it, the plant died after a few weeks. :( I just love hydrangeas. They're so pretty.

Gabby said...

What a beautiful arrangement. I love hydrangeas.

McDreamer said...

Happy Anniversary!!! you guys are the sweetest!