green plate kids and bento boxes [boxed lunch ideas]

Monday, August 23, 2010

for the fall, my son's school has partnered with green plates kids to provide healthy nutritious snacks and meals for the children. you have no idea how glad i am that i dont have to worry about plating and packing his meals this time, im sure they'll do a better job than me!

i have a very picky-eater of a son and i am running out of ideas what to prepare for him. on the other hand, selecting goodies for a party boxed meal could be a little easier. other than it should be age-appropriate, the food has to be colorful, flavorful and healthy of course. a few sites i linked here offer different ideas and tips on how to whip up kid-friendly daily meals and also creatively packed small snack boxes (or paperbags or bento boxes) for any party!

from healthy lunch ideas, this rainbow lunch
is so pretty and no child is not gonna want to try this. such a treat!

wendolonia has a full blog entry on back to school lunch ideas showcasing very impressive presentations in a tiny box!

cooking for monkeys created this lunch box fit for a safari/zoo party. i'm sure every kid's face will lit up upon opening this box - i can spot an alligator carrot!

this is so cute! interesting two-tone sandwiches how-to guide found here in disney family fun site!

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our little boy still love his happy meals from mcdonalds, but our visit there will be less frequent now that we will get to try green plate kids. AND i almost forgot to mention, they cater parties too!


Anonymous said...

these are all so cute... but make me feel like such a slacker mom.. LOL--shelly

Katie Grace Designs said...

Very cool find! I'll have to remember this when Sawyer starts school :)

Anonymous said...

this is a great idea for aston who is so picky..nice..

Aubrey West said...

These are indeed great and healthy school lunch ideas! Kids will surely love this.