dessert display by greeneyed susan [birthday party]

Thursday, August 26, 2010

i met susan when we ordered her super yummy macarons for a dear friend's baby shower me and my girlfriends hosted last june. recently she threw her mom a birthday party and she lovingly created and setup this beautiful dessert display. she baked homemade cookies, assorted pastries and she also made the cutest scottie cupcakes. but i think everyone can agree that the star of the display is the macaron topiary susan herself put together!

see susan's blog post here and for more info on how to order her delicious macarons, visit her website greeneyed susan!


Jane and Lou said...

Hello, new to blogging hey? Me too (sort of) you will love it, especially connecting with bloggers all over the world. Have followed for you, because it sounds like we speak the same over the top party language!! Please come visit me @ Now, I'm off to enjoy the rest of your lovely blog, all the best, Jane:)

swankychicfete said...

thanks for the visit!