posh tots [celeb babies birthday parties]

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

gone are the rented fake snow and massive carousels, celebs opt to celebrate their little tots birthday parties in simple yet modern and stylish festivities. here are three fabulous actresses whose babies' birthday parties lack the outrageous lavish hollywood fetes they are more famous for - nevertheless still stellar, these occasions are highly mod and chic.

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when you get the great and mighty amy atlas to plan and execute your daughter's princess birthday party, it will be sheer perfection. brooke shields did just that. oldest daughter grier was the picture perfect happy princess on her special day.

to check out grier's birthday party details, read parts one and two at amy atlas blog
{photos above from amy atlas }

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lovely actress julie bowen from the hilarious modern family show celebrated her twin boys' birthday party at the ever popular the COOP (ive been dreaming of franchising one of this some day) in LA last may. the spectacular dessert table was styled and prepared by blue cupcake. to read more about this smashing yellow and orange event, go to blue cupcake's blog

{photo source : blue cupcake}

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when gossip girl's kelly rutherford celebrated her son's robot truck 3rd birthday party last year, they had it at the glam alice and olivia showroom in NY. im not sure why it was held there but the whole place was actually the perfect backdrop for the construction site play area the tiny guests get to enjoy. for more pics, visit celebrity baby scoop

{photo from celebrity baby scoop}


Marie said...

gotta check out the coop when the little one arrives.

i love your blog! now i only have to go to one place for chic party ideas.

swankychicfete said...

marie, thank you! are you blogging again soon?