katherine's holiday wishlist

Monday, November 26, 2012

so excited to have a dear friend visit the blog for the first time today. i've known katherine for years now ~ i am genuinely happy for her new thriving jewelry business she started recently. i've witness her work so hard and she well deserves all the success she enjoys now. our friendship has been through so many joyous as well as tough times and i am so thankful for her sincerest care and generosity all these years!

today i am thrilled to share her fabulous holiday wishlist that's leaving me lusting for them too! 

embellished loafers // diamond crocodile birkin // pink rainboots 

and to add to your own holiday wishlist ~ something spectacular from her
one-of-a-kind fine jewelry line, AVA LE GEMS

you can catch katherine here : 


ailynne said...

love the pink boots!!!!

Anne-Marie said...

totally agree--the pink boots are too cute!!! i should add those to my wishlist since they are still available in my size :)

Leslie said...

OMG shoes. It’s a good thing I already placed an order on zappos before seeing this, otherwise I’d be spending a LOT more! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!